Trip to Western Iowa Tech Community College.

I went to Western Iowa Tech Community College in Sioux City, the best part about the college is that there was many many things you could do there there was all kinds of stuff. I think the part that surprised me the most is the dorms. When you live in the dorms you can have 4 people to a dorm. Also you get a bunch of stuff like WiFi, the bed, Microwave, all your books and school stuff, and food. If you get the pass thing which it is kinda expensive but you get a bunch of stuff to go with it. I think I would like to go to this school because it has what I want to be and it seems really nice and a good college. On the tour I saw a book shop, bunch of different rooms, I saw the dorms and the dorms were really nice.  The college offers all kinds of classes to nursing, health care, Soccer, all kinds of things. I think the Sioux city college is a really great place and its really nice inside. There’s all kinds of different things they can help you with. Its a 2 year college. They have a big Cafeteria. Tons of cool things to learn about.

Genius Hour Project.

My project that i’m doing with my partner is hair growth. We want to find a product or something that we can make to help people’s hair grow. We are hoping to help people who don’t have hair or who has hair that grows really slowly. We are going to be trying it on our hair once we find a ingredients to make hair grow faster and longer. This project is important to me because I think that people who have cancer it can make their hair grow really fast. We are going to putting the product in our hair and seeing how much it grows. And if it grows slowly then we will try a new ingredient.  My goals for this project is to get ingredients to make an shampoo or something to help with growth. Also to help other people who don’t have hair.  We will measure our goals by measuring our hair and then trying the product and seeing if it works.

This summer

This summer I plan on going to my mom’s house which is like 2 hours away and staying there for half of the summer and when I get there I will probably decorate my room and go swimming. Also Me and my mom and her friends will probably go to the okoboji lake and go swimming and tubing. Also go boating. After I come back from my mom’s I will probably go to my grandma’s and my aunt in Ames, Then I will have to go to my other grandma’s and practice riding my horse to get ready for horse shows. Most of the summer I will be at my house taking care of my animals. Also riding my four wheeler and Golf cart.  I also hang out with my friends a lot in summer and go swimming and have bonfires at my house. I usually have a big bonfire beginning of summer or last week of summer or just whenever people are available.    Usually my summers I hang out with friends but since I moved and in a bigger city than its harder because I live 15 minutes away now and all my friends live in Fort Dodge. I think that this summer is gonna be really fun because there’s a lot of stuff to do, And this summer I am getting a new Puppy and me and my siblings are really excited.




Week 10

I have 9 blogs,  all of them are challenge or choice. I have about 3 comments. Most comment is probably my food blog because its different food and very interesting for people. I enjoyed writing the one about different food cause what other people think of it. Yes I did change some names cause some of them I didn’t like. I have 6 widgets I don’t think that’s too much. The audit was good and m

Week 7- Animals, Oceans, Rocks.


Panthers. Panthers are an animal that lives in the world. They are so beautiful, Panthers are my favorite animal. They are so smart and fast.  The Panther is not a distinct species itself but is the general name used to refer to any black colored animal of the Big Cat family, is mostly Leopards and Jaguars. The Panther is a powerful animal that has adapted well to a variety of habitats around the world, and is known to be one of the strongest climbers of all cats. The Panther is a dark brown to black in color.  Unlike Leopards and Jaguars, the Panther has no spots on it’s body or tail, but instead they have a shiny coat of dark fur. Panthers have small heads with strong jaws and green eyes, and have hind legs that are both larger and little bit longer than those at the front. Panthers are found in three of the world’s continents. The Panther is incredibly intelligent and they are generally very quiet and cautious animals. Their dark brown fur camouflages the Panther and makes them almost invisible at night.


Ocean. I think the ocean is the most beautiful thing ever. I love the waves there. My sister has been to the Atlantic Ocean before. She said it was amazing, She saw tons of different creatures. Like Crabs, She also came home with tons of shells. Also her and my grandpa caught a blue crab. Because it pinched my sisters hand so they had to make sure it didn’t pinch anyone else. I think everyone should go to the ocean because it looks like its amazing.


Rocks. I think rocks are also really cool things that are part of the world. My whole family love to go look for really pretty rocks. My dad got me a rock from work and it looked like it had gold on it. Some rocks are so cool and one of a kind. They could actually be something really important. My cousins love to collect rocks and wash them and just put them in vase or something. Its so cool.


Here are some of the links I found to get good Facts.

week 6

I Commented on a girl named sabrina’s post she is 12.  Also Here are some really good posts about kids they have great posting., … Has very good writing skills. This girl named ella has good poems.   This girl pennelope has really good post also she has a bunch of her favorite food on there. This guy is name is dylan and his favorite wild animal is animals.  Laura has very good quotes.   Also heres a few more for you to go check out. … And that I have commented on!.

Week 5. Food.

kumla-served-2The most popular food in my country that me and my family has is kumla. We love it so much we have it every thanksgiving and sometimes Christmases. All of my family come and eat tons of my grandma and my aunt are usually ones who make it they make it so good everyone wants to take it with them. My great grandma use to make it but now my grandma makes it. My grandma also makes very popular desserts. Like Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, and she makes ham with the kumla.   I think that kumla is very popular in our country because a lot of people in the country have kumla for thanksgiving, Or Christmas.  Also Ham is a very popular food to have in this country especially on thanksgiving. I think people should make or eat more kumla because its very good. Its really really good with salt and pepper and butter. You can also put many other things on it, it depends on the food you like. Its just like have potatoes but better I mean it is made of potatoes but way better. You can put ketchup, all kinds of stuff. Also kumla is very good with ham.

Bullying. Raise Your Voice. Week 4.

Bullying is a problem that affects Thousands and millions of students, and it has every parent worried, and upset that no one is doing anything. Because a lot of  parents, teachers, and other people don’t always see it, they may not understand how extreme bullying can get. A couple weeks ago this Kid almost committed suicide because these kids were bullying him every single day. And the worst part is no one knew except him.  Good thing his parents found out and he switched schools. Some bullies call names to the kids who they are bullying and sometimes physical. A lot of people are cyberbully’s that’s the common one. They think they are so tough online but when they actually say it in person they cant. A lot of bully’s pick on small kids because they think they are week or something. A lot of these kids are tough enough to stand up to the bully’s. And they don’t tell anyone cause it gets worst by the second.

Favorite time with family. Week 3

By: v_silvestri

By: v_silvestri

My favorite time with my family was when  we went to the Omaha zoo. We went last year with me my sister my dad and my stepmom. It was so fun. We went to go see a lot of the animals and we went on some rides. There was tons of animals that were so cool. And some of the animals were really funny. They kept doing funny things.  It took us a while to get there but it was worth is. It was really hot we were all tired from walking in the heat. At the end of day we were exhausted. After we went to a hotel and stayed there.  In the morning me and my sister wanted to go back there because we didn’t get to see some of the animals. Like the seal there was a show and we missed it. He did a few tricks and it splatted water at everyone that was there. Everyone kept laughing.  Also my favorite animal there was the gorilla and tiger.

Mrs. Black

Hello My name is Ellie And I’m in your 3rd period class. I’m 13 years old,  I like to play Volleyball, Basketball, and Soccer.  I have 3 sisters and 1 Brother. My brother is 17, my sisters are 9 yrs. 8 yrs.  15 yrs.   I love being outside and grilling and playing with my cousins. My birthday is April 24th 2002. I love Football my Favorite team in professional is Dallas Cowboys. My favorite in college is Iowa state. Also I love taking pictures of animals.

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